US based Nigerian Chief on holidays in the villa,settles down to a meal of snake “Eke” pepper soup{PHOTOS}

It is the festive seasons and a time for sumptuous meals and acute merriment in this part of the world.

Most excited of all are presumably Nigerians based overseas who often complain of the loneliness, cultural differences and unfriendly weather during the Christmas and New Year celebrations abroad.

Food is an integral part of our cultural identities and so no matter how far we travel from our homes, we never lose appetite for the culinary delights that are perculiar to our people.

This must be the case for amiable and outgoing US based Nigerian business man Chief Michael Brian Odiakose who takes pride in being a custodian of the Anioma culture as he unveiled a plate of pepper soup prepared from the python which was killed in his country home,some where in Idumuje Unor ,a town in Aniocha North,Delta State.

In a post on Facebook a day after Boxing Day, he shared pictures of the unfortunate Hunter which ended up being hunted,and asked friends to join him in enjoying the delicacy.

Not everyone would be bold enough to feast on a python, and again not everyone eats this particular snake as certain cultures view the “Eke” (Python) as a deity and so his post was greeted with mixed reactions.

Nevertheless, the fun and celebration continues…. hopefully all wild animals in our villages would take precautions and self isolate till our adventurous brothers and sisters return to the cities.

See more photos below:

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Written by Andrew Odoe
Serial Entrepreneur, Humanitarian, Social Activist and Writer.
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