“Trolls deserve to burn in h*ll and I wish they would disappear from earth” – BBNaija Ifuennada blows hot

Big Brother Nigeria former housemate, Ifuennada has lashed out at trolls.

Posting on her instastories, she wrote that trolls “deserve to burn in hell and she wishes they would disappear from the face of the Earth..” She wondered why some people enjoy trolling others and make it part of their favorite activity for the day. She revealed that she has blocked “thousands” of people on Instagram and blocked many others from commenting on her posts.

Posting on her instastories, she wrote;

“Trolls deserve to burn in hell

I don’t know why someone will wake up in the morning and choose trolling as their favorite activity of the day.

Did I attack you in your dream or is it that you lacked parental love and guidance when you were younger? You did not suck your mother’s breast milk enough? Just what is it?

I understand that trolls are usually bitter people who are heavily demented and envious; but why can’t you all just let me breathe?”

In another post, she wrote;

“Still on trolls

I’ve blocked thousands of people on this app and so many are blocked from commenting on my page even though they still follow me. I just want peace of mind. I know it seems like I love clapping back, but I really just despise bullies, especially Those with fake pages and those that like hate comments.

I wish all trolls would just disappear from the face of the Earth. God pls do something, I beg you.”

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