Toyin lawani shares racy photo of her in a hijab after she received backlash from people for posting a racy nun photo

Fashion designer Toyin Lawani has shared a racy photo of her in a hijab after she was criticized by people for disrespecting Christianity by wearing a racy nun photo to a movie premiere.

After she posted the racy nun photo, some people reasoned that she wouldn’t try such with a Muslim outfit.

However, the fashion enterpreneur decided to prove them wrong by sharing a photo of her wearing a hijab and a gown with a long slit displaying her thighs. She also stated that she would post an extremely revealing photo of her in a Muslim outfit as the current one she posted was from two years ago.

She wrote;

“Ah why are you shouting that I can’t dress like this in a Muslim way. I have and will do another baddass one and make sure it’s extremely revealing again for you tomorrow so you know im not here for your rants , the more you rant the more i do to upset you ,People need to realize one thing about Tiannah , she’s an Artist and will do a lot of artistic things that won’t pls the world from time to Time , not here to please you , no one pays my bills so you don’t count at all , Did this ad for @oohfragrancepalace two years ago , for muslim sales , I’m sure a lot of you don’t even know I’m Muyinat.
You all don’t know who you are dealing with , there’s nothing I haven’t done and will not do , so far it pleases me , im a Christian and a Muslim , I worship both , cause both my parents have separate religion, but see you need to differentiate ART FROM RELIGION? THEY ARE NOT THE SAME , A COSTUME IS A COSTUME, RELIGION IS OF THE HEART AND SPIRITUAL, ITS NOT A PIECE OF CLOTHING ✌️ IM AN ARTIST NOT A COMMENTATOR, I AINT GAT TIME FOR YOUR OPINIONS”

See photos below;

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