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  1. Hi everyone

  2. Greetings everyone, am still the Ancy Gospel you know, a gospel singer, my new release will soon drop. and am set for any program Church, birthday, weddings etc

  3. Good day everyone, it’s a beautiful Monday morning and it’s going to be a fruitful day.

  4. Hello sir.
    How can I get the right link for the Naira Rain Promo?

    • Hello,Naira Rain Promo has been suspended due to the activities of scammers who hijacked the promo,currently being investigated.

  5. Hi guys, hope everyone has download my song, if you never check YouTube #Ancy Gospel

  6. The biggest risk in life is the fear of taking any risk at all.

  7. Good evening all. Today is Ash Wednesday.

  8. A day after Valentine’s day is always replete with tales of hang-over and endless accounts of youthful exuberance. What was your experience yesterday?

    • Work work… didn’t celebrate Val this year.

    • What makes the difference in life is being intentional. Life might throw a knife at you but being intentional teaches you to hold the handle of the knife and not the blade.

  9. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  10. Have been wondering how else I can tell people to register under me… without telling them I will have 1000 on every referral….this people don’t want me to make money ooo

  11. Thanks andrew

  12. Hi damson ..we are here now

  13. TGIF

  14. Hello

  15. Hello

    • Hello everyone,
      How is your day going?

  16. Hello everyone!

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