Mark Zuckerberg,Oprah Winfrey,others react to Chauvin verdict

The Jury’s verdict on George Floyd’s murder has sparked reactions across the globe and influential US figures are not being left behind.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg issued a statement saying:

“Right now I’m thinking of George Floyd, his family and those who knew him. I hope this verdict brings some measure of comfort to them, and to everyone who can’t help but see themselves in his story. We stand in solidarity with you, knowing that this is part of a bigger struggle against racism and injustice.

— Mark Zuckerberg

Also,American Talk Show Host and TV Producer Oprah Winfrey released a statement saying;

“Relieved—and emotional in ways I didn’t expect. I cried tears of joy as each verdict was read. I’m grateful to the witnesses and their testimonies. Grateful to Darnella Frazier. Grateful to every Juror for seeing and acknowledging what the world saw on that tape. Thank you God for real!” #GeorgeFloyd

Former US Mayor,Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Mike Bloomberg also shared his thoughts;

“The jury has spoken, but this does not close the case on the life of George Floyd. The work of building a more racially equitable and just nation is up to all of us – and I remain fully committed to it.”

US Senator Tammy Duckworth tweeted;

“George Floyd was murdered at the hands of Derek Chauvin who betrayed his oath to protect and serve.

While this verdict won’t bring George Floyd back, it brings his family and our nation closer to some semblance of justice and reminds us all that accountability is still possible.

Today’s verdict is only the beginning.

In order to make justice the norm rather than the exception and truly bring us closer to achieving equal protection under the law for everyone, Congress must pass the comprehensive George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.”

There is a general feeling that this judgment marks a new era in the fight for justice and racial equality in a nation that has been reeling from shocking and senseless racially motivated killings.

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Written by Andrew Odoe
Serial Entrepreneur, Humanitarian, Social Activist and Writer.
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