Important Tips on how not to become a rapist

A Facebook user Linda Onwusuruaka Unodiogu who is a Child Sexual Abuse Advocate,Screenwriter and Author of “Not My Child”,a book highlighting the dangers of child sexual abuse,took to her Facebook page to share a few important tips on the issue of rape and child abuse which I believe are worth taking into strong consideration.

“Good Morning World people, I think young adults, both male and female should know what consent really means. Parents should teach their sons these things from teenage age.

Rape simply means having sexual intercourse or sexual activity without CONSENT or against a person’s will. Babies/Children/Teenagers below 18 years cannot give consent, boys and men could also be raped.

Things You should Know About Rape

1. If He/She was drugged before the act, it’s RAPE!

2. If He/she is unconscious and you have sex with Him/her it’s RAPE!

3. If He/she is below 18 years and you are above 18 it’s STATUTORY RAPE! even if He/she was willing.

4. If He/she is mentally unstable/intellectually disabled and you have sex with Him/Her it’s  STATUTORY RAPE!

5. If she was wearing skimpy clothes and you say “oh she’s being flirty, she wants this” yet she says NO and you still have your way with her it’s RAPE!

6. If you tell a woman that you want to have sex with her and she says NO. You tell yourself she’s only fronting or playing hard to get and have sex with her anyway, it’s RAPE!

7. If you want to have sex with your wife and she’s says NO and you force yourself on her. It”s called MARITAL RAPE!

8. If she’s a prostitute and you think that Consent isn’t important because of her job but even after she says NO,you still went ahead to have sex with her, It’s still RAPE!

What are your thoughts on this? Please share widely,help make the world a better place.

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Written by Andrew Odoe
Serial Entrepreneur, Humanitarian, Social Activist and Writer.
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