“I don’t do married men” – Ifu Ennada threatens to expose married men in her DM

Big brother Nigeria reality TV star, Ifu Ennada has threatened to expose married men sliding into her DM on Instagram and making sexual advances at her.

The beauty expert took to her IG page to issue a stern warning to married men coming to her DM and making love overtures at her.

The reality star who has obviously had enough, threatened to start posting snapshots of the chats of the married men sliding into her DM and publicly expose their activities in her DM.

She emphasized that she is not interested in married men because she plans to get married someday and wouldn’t want the law of karma to come after her.

She also revealed that she’s a huge fan of women, thereby hinting that she wouldn’t be the reason for the sadness of a fellow woman.

In her words, she wrote;

“Another one for The Men… For the Useless Married Men in my DM… I will start screenshooting and posting your DMs on my story and my page.

I DO NOT DO MARRIED MEN! I am a Huge Fan of Women, I want to get married someday and I don’t want my Husband cheating on me.

So if Ya’ll won’t stop coming to my DM, get readt to have your extracurricular activities exposed on my story/page

Love x Light.”

In the caption of the post, she wrote;

“Deleting Soon… This is for the Shameless Married Men in my DM. Your wife probably knows you cheat for a living, but I can announce it to the Whole World if you don’t stop coming to my DM. I know a lot of girls sleep with married men these days…but I don’t subscribe to that kind of lifestyle, because I believe what goes around comes around.”

I once said I’ll start sharing screenshots of DMs sent to me by married men, but never really did it. If you want to try your God, pls send me another DM. 🙏🏽

I no kukuma well before, but you don’t have to experience this side of me, so make everybody respect themselves.

PS: Getting back to my Maldives posts soon. In the meantime, check out my skincare and Haircare businesses and pls patronize me. @beautifuskin @beautifuennada
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