Having a Great Team like “Ocean’s 11” is a great way to succeed at anything

I love football. What I cherish most about the game of football is the way a team of 11 individuals work hand in hand to achieve a purpose,generally to score goals, win matches earn their pay and go home with trophies.

There are strikers,defenders,midfielders and  goal keepers,all having important roles to play for the collective success of the team. And this brings me to the issue of life. I have always loved the saying that life is like football.

We all have wishes,dreams,aims,goals and objectives in life, but most times we try to achieve our desires all by ourselves or without a great team.

Soon we find ourselves wondering why plans are not moving in the right direction. Business failures, marketing strategies not delivering great results but instead,consuming cash,time and energy.

Something has got to give. All that stands in your way is a GREAT TEAM!
You need to assemble your team and leverage your best minds to overcome the challenges that stand between you and your goals. You must know exactly who to call, like minded team players!

Lot’s of people loved the movie “Ocean’s Eleven”. Ted Griffin the writer probably modeled Danny Ocean’s team after a football team.

In the movie “Ocean’s Eleven”, Danny Ocean (George Clooney)  plans to rob a Las Vegas Casino, so he assembles a team to help him. The team is comprised of a motley cast of characters, each of whom has a very specific skill set. On the surface, no one individual looks particularly impressive. But, in the aggregate, the compliment of different skills creates a team capable of overcoming an amazing amount of seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Danny Ocean is a smart chap. He knows exactly what he wants and what needs to be done. He clearly understands his own strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, he recognizes the risks involved.

He goes ahead to assemble the right team made up of people with the needed skills to get the job done. Together, they pull off one of the greatest, albeit fictional, heists of all times.

This is just an illustration, you don’t need to plan to rob a casino or bank, but, it is important as a person with great ideas, to have a strong team made up of people with specific, unique skills needed to achieve desired objectives. If you are looking for the blue sky or hoping to solve a chronic challenge, you need a team that includes your Big Picture thinkers.

These are folks who don’t allow their thinking to be constrained by current realities or perceived limits. People who see the Big Picture from the very start. It helps to have a contrary mind or two in the group. They can serve to ground your big picture thinkers, and challenge the assumptions being made by the group. Financiers are essential and very important, you need to have a strong financial backer because a lack of funds will always stall your projects, no matter how good an idea may be,without funding it will be dead on arrival. Techies too, don’t overlook them. Not only is information technology foundational to the success of almost any project in this cyber age,techies prove to be pretty good process thinkers in general.

Strategists are important too. These are people who have proven to have a knack for critical thinking and developing the right strategies for every obstacle.

Whatever is your mission,if you put all the people you need together to work in the right areas, and tackle specific challenges, the given outcome is definitely going to be impressive. That’s why you should have your best people involved. You want those on your team who are capable and equipped to assist you by helping to navigate to success.

“How do we select our Ocean’s Eleven?”. That’s a task that’s worthy to be embarked upon.

Come to think of it,even Jesus Christ assembled a team of 12 disciples.

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Written by Andrew Odoe
Serial Entrepreneur, Humanitarian, Social Activist and Writer.
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