Edo woman who charmed her daughter for years confesses to her daughter on her dying bed

A Facebook user by the name Osaro Fajimiyo, narrated a shocking story that has left many readers wondering about the possibilities of people controlling others with charms and who to trust in this delicate,money crazy society of today.

According to the narrator, an Edo woman confessed to her daughter on her dying bed about how she had charmed and controlled her actions to her detriment over a period time. Read the story below:


“My daughter,I called you to confess all what I did to you. I am dying. Please forgive me”. Iye Blessing pleaded over the phone to her daughter, Blessing who is based in Napoli, Italy.
This was a year ago.

“Iye,I am confused. You won’t die in Jesus’s name.” Blessing in tears answered.

   Blessing left Nigeria in 1998 for Italy. Paid all her debts and was free as a bird. She was the only daughter in a family of six. Her father died years ago in Warri,Delta State during the Itsekiri and Urhobo crisis.

   Money was no longer an issue as she started working in a pasta factory in one of the derelict districts in Napoli.

   In 2011,she bought two houses in Uselu suburb in Benin City, Nigeria. A six flats storey building on Eboh street close to Hare Krishna temple and one other building,a bungalow, on Odia street,close to Odia sawmill.

    Blessing gave out two flats to her mother and siblings. While tenants were given the vacant apartments to rent.
   Her mother had insisted that the rents from those apartments be managed by her brothers. And that those estate agents can never be trusted. She believed her,at least,it’s her mother and she wouldn’t do her any harm. That was the stick that almost killed her.

For so many years, Blessing had never received any Kobo paid into her Nigerian bank accounts from rents. It was always same pattern of requests and misuse. “Oh,my children are sick,in school or the repairs took all the funds.”
   And whenever she complained, her mother would say “You are the eldest and a mother to your brothers. A dumping site that received all manners of insults from people”.
She stopped complaining.

  “My daughter,hmmmmm…”Iye Blessing coughed to continue.”I did some sacrifices in the past after you bought those houses. There was this medicine man,Pa Imafidon residing in Iyeke Ogba suburb who is late now. He asked me to get certain items for the sacrifice.” Iye Blessing paused to continue.
  “Hello, hello..” Iye held the handset as the cough sent spasms through her body.
   “Iye,I am here”, Blessing answered calmly.
    “Thank you. It’s this sickness oh. It has refused to go.” Iye continued.”I bought a crocodile,a male goat that is not castrated,a day old chick and a female effigy. Pa Imafidon slaughtered the crocodile blindfolded and it’s snout taped. This means you won’t be able to ask for your houses’rents and the blindfold won’t allow you to see anything spiritually wrong with you for not asking about your houses. No pastor will ever see this because I am your biological mother. I used the effigy as your image with your picture on its neck which I left at TV road junction in a harvested tortoise shell containing cowries and the day old chick. The male goat,has an offensive odour that would make you have an offensive odour before your friend’s,this I slaughtered at the Esu shrine to deliver the message to you in italy .
  “Iye!” Blessing exclaimed.
    “Blessing my daughter,I carried you in my womb for nine months and at birth,I named you Osariemen, meaning God gave me a gift of a daughter. You are the gift but I allowed greed to consume me. Please forgive me.”
   Iye Blessing died last year due to “assumably” natural causes. Other medical records stated she had tuberculosis as an underlying cause of death.
    Blessing went home as Benin customs demands as the first and only daughter. She went straight to the mortuary where the body of her mother had been deposited and with some family members, transferred the corpse to an unknown place where she was dressed supposedly,for burial.
   Blessing’s brothers had been uncomfortable with their sister’s demands that they vacate the premises immediately. They had been given two days to vacate or the SARs team would remove them with force. And until they vacate the premises,there would be no burial. The family supported her stance.
   The unemployed brothers vacated the premises and Iye Blessing was laid to rest in her father’s village,Obe,a village outside Benin coming from Upper Sakponba axis. Blessing swore that her mother would never be buried in any of her houses.
  Before departing,after the burial, Blessing engaged a private lawyer and the services of an estate agent to monitor and manage her properties on her behalf. And her brothers,”I don’t care!”Blessing swore.

Blessing is my friend. She is reading this.

Written by Osaro Fajimiyo (29 November 2020)

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Written by Andrew Odoe
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