“Don’t judge Billonaires that refuse helping people”- Bobrisky says as he shares an unpleasant encounter he had with someone he helped.

Nigerian Crossdresser Bobrisky, whom many know to be a generous giver, has taken to social media to share an unpleasant experience he had with an ungrateful person after which he asked people not to judge wealthy people that refuse to help others.

In a post he shared, he stated that someone is trying to blackmail him emotionally. He also revealed that the person in question is someone whom he gave 200 thousand naira, paid his flight ticket and hotel bills, after which he promised to do more for the guy later.

However, things took an unpleasant turn as the person sent him a message and threatened to go on social media and tell people that Bobrisky hasn’t fulfilled all his promises to him.

Bobrisky wrote;

“Someone is trying to blackmail me emotionally. And I’m hurt 😢 I gave him 200k, paid his ticket, hotel bills and feeding and later promise him to hold on that I will still do more. Dis dude sent me a message that he will go to Instagram and tell people I only gave him 200k and I haven’t balance him yet. Firstly are you mad ? I’m I your relative, na me born you ? Did anyone gave me money to give you ? See me see wahala damn. Never blame people for not helping o ! People have show them pepper. Well I bobrisky won’t stop helping… even if I meet 1million ungrateful people I will always help.”

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