Communities help us in fighting bandits – Gov Sule

Nasarawa Governor, Abdullahi Sule, on Tuesday said that communities in the state fight bandits who terrorise the people.

Speaking as a guest during an interview on Channels Television’s Politics Today, the governor said the communities are usually alerted.

“In Nasarawa, what we do is that the moment we see the bandits coming in, we alert our people. These people are coming to your side and the information is there. The communities rise up to the occasion and also the communities fight them,” he said.

While blaming the banditry activities in Zamfara State on illegal mining being carried out in the state, Sule added that those stoking problems in the north-western were interested in illegal mining.

“I think that is the right decision to make. One of the problems we have been facing in Zamfara State and some of these places where mining activities are going on.

“Those who are actually igniting these problems in Zamfara State are those who are interested in mining the gold that is there,” he said.

President Muhammadu Buhari had declared the northeast state a no-fly zone. The governor commended the  President for the move as part of the measures to tackle the increasing insecurity in the state.

While noting that the declaring of the presidential order is long overdue, he said the government had to take time to carefully understand the Zamfara situation before coming up with decisive action.

“I think the government wanted to take a lot of time and understand what is going on there before they imposed a no-fly zone. I think the no-fly zone is even overdue, so imposing it today is fantastic, excellent.

“It will bring out more of those people who are hiding under whatever guise and taking care of this mining. It is a lot of illegal mining and not about the economy of the state,” he added.

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