“Bobrisky you left a scar in my heart” – Halima Abubakar writes as she shares screenshots of her chat with Bobrisky, Bobrisky responds

Nollywood actress, Halima Abubakar is apparently going through a lot. Few days ago the actress got fed up of people constantly mocking her dark knuckles as she revealed it was a fellow actress that burnt them. She also threatened to start calling out those who made her miserable.

Well, the actress has carried out her threat as she has called out popular Crossdresser, Bobrisky saying he left a scar in her heart while sharing screenshots of their chat.

See the screenshots she shared below;

She further revealed that the chat was from 2019 when she was in the hospital because her Blood pressure was very high.

She also disclosed that Bobrisky told her many evil things about his friends which she kept a secret.

She wrote;

“Bobrisky you left a scar in my heart

I hope you happy now?

I didn’t even tell tonto,to show you,I had notting against you.

This was 2019 when I was in the hospital .My Bp was super high.

Let me pour out my heart.
You hurt me.This is just few of your messages.

Everything you said,about your own ,friends are evil.i kept it.
I told you if you people kill me,you will rest.

I was depressed
I was violated
I was maltreated over what?”

In another post, Halima revealed that she’s still on medications because of what “evil people” did to her. And further asked her fans to stop telling her how to heal while ranting that everybody must “collect”…a slang which means it’s time for payback.

See her post below;

“Every body must collect‼️

Stop telling people how to heal.

No one is above blocking or unfollow‼️

Am still taking medications for what ,evil people did  to me”

Responding to Halima’s outburst, Bobrisky called Halima “sick” and told her that’s why all her friends deserted her so she’ll “visit a psychiatrist first.”

This certainly triggered Halima’s anger as she  called Bobrisky a “fool” and cursed him saying  it will “never be well” with him. She also asked the Crossdresser to remove his makeup and said his mouth smells like “dog sh!t.”

She added,  “Idris, maggot go eat you.”

See below;

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