Big Brother reality star, Kiddwaya throws shade on people who always accuse him of clout chasing

Reality TV star and billonaire son, Kiddwaya has taken to his Twitter page to throw shade on those who accuse him of clout chasing.

The Billonaire son tweeted that if he was to participate in the April Fool’s day by playing pranks as is known to be a common thing done on 1st April, his will be tagged as clout chasing.

He further added a Sarcastic remark saying, the clout chasing will further “increase fuel price.”

See his tweet below;

“I’m pretty sure If I was to do April fools they they would now say “billionaire son kidd waya purposely lies to the whole nation on the eve of Good Friday and lent to chase clout further increasing the price of fuel”

This is coming after he made an earlier post about how he was always getting funny looks when he goes to a supermarket abroad, because of his Black race.

He wrote;

“10 yrs on. Still getting the same funny looks when I go to the supermarket as a black man. Like I couldn’t buy the whole store and replace every mf with a minority. But as usual I keep it moving because right now my blessings are too much.”

However, some labelled him a clout chaser saying he doesn’t have any reason to be treated in such way because he isn’t the only black man in such countries. According to them, he was just seeking for attention.

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