Actor Yul Edochie disagrees with his father’s opinion on gifting female children (Video)

Popular Nollywood Actor and Presidential Aspirant, Yul Edochie has disagreed with his father, Pete Edochie, after the Nollywood veteran advised fathers, who want to buy car gifts for their daughters, to register the car in the name of their daughter’s husband.

The revered thespian recently shared his opinion on marriage in a recent interview and he also made some controversial statements.

On giving gifts, Pete Edochie said any father who wants to gift his married daughter a car and gives it in her name is destroying the daughter’s marriage. He advised the father to rather buy the car in his son-in-law’s name.

However his son, Yul, disagreed with his father and he took to his Instagram to share his own opinion on the matter.

He stated that if he buys a car for his daughter, Danielle as a wedding gift, that he will let her make her own decisions concerning the registration of the car. He emphasized that if his daughter asks him to register the car, he will register it in ‘HER’ name.

His post reads ;

Of course Chief is entitled to his opinion.
And back then their ways were different.
For me, if I buy a car for my daughter @danielleyuledochie as a wedding gift, I’ll give it to her to register in whatever name she likes.
If she asks me to do the registration for her then I’ll register it in HER name.

Watch video of Pete Edochie’s interview below;

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