A Young man drowns a day after he shared a Facebook post about death

A young Nigerian man simply identified as Charlie Created, has reportedly drowned a day after he shared a Facebook post concerning death

The deceased, had on March 23, shared another Facebook user, Ydk Meera’s post in which she talked about how everyone will claim to be her friend when she dies.

“When I die everybody gonna swear they were my dawg ! But who fwm rn?” Ydk Meera wrote.

Charles shared the post on his Facebook wall, and concurred with what she wrote.

“Swrs they gon be onG and shii. Mfs” he wrote.

That was his last post after which he reportedly died the following day.

One of his friends, Cla Rita, who confirmed and threw more light on the unfortunate incident, said that the deceased was brought out of the pool unconscious and rushed to the hospital where he died. She also said that he died as the doctor didn’t attend to him immediately.

“He’s been buried. He didn’t die after they found him. It was when he went to the hospital. The doctor didn’t give immediate response to his health.” she said.

Rita further said that his death is suspicious as he was a good swimmer.

“For me I think someone pushed him or something. Charlie knows how to swim very well. It’s just too suspicious.” she added.

Also, after the sad incident occurred, the lady whom the deceased shared her post on his wall also posted on her wall saying that she wasn’t familiar with the deceased before his death. According to her, she made this because some people were already asking her if she has anything to do with his death.

“Okay.let’s get something clear .I and this late charlie weren’t duag.the fact that he shared my post doesn’t mean I know him or anything about his death .keep resting bruh,” she wrote.

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